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JEOL JSM-6400 image

This software-oriented, analytical-grade SEM, is capable of acquiring and digitizing images. Acceleration voltages from 0.2 to 40kV, a magnification range of 10 to 300,000x, and a guaranteed resolution of 3.5nm allow an operator to achieve excellent results on a wide variety of samples.  For more information call or further information on this instrument, call or e-mail Mike Pendleton (Tel. 979-845-1182;


Recent improvements to the Jeol 6400:
Addition of the Spicer Consulting SC22 Field Cancelling System to compensate for any extraneous magnetic fields.

Repair of the active digital (right) screen to match the analog (left) screen gray scale.

Upgrade to Windows 7 for digital analysis and imaging.

Addition of IXRF Iridium Ultra imaging system allowing images to be saved at twice (4096 pixels per beam scan line) the resolution available previously. 

Images may be saved in many bit settings and formats and may be directly embedded into MS Word applications. 

In addition, live histogram adjustments are now possible and magnification scales as well as other image meta data are saved on the image automatically.

Addition of IXRF Iridium Ultra EDS system to produce EDS maps and plots.  These can also be saved in a variety of formats.


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