Ancillary Equipment

Support equipment contained within the Center includes: specimen preparation facilities, Fischione Model 1010 Ion Mill, microtomes (one with cyro capabilities), a Buehler Isomet 1000 Precision saw, South Bay Tech. Dimpler, Ecomet grinder/polisher, Tenupol chemical polisher, evaporation and sputter coaters, etc. For further information on the polishers and grinders, you may contact Rick Littleton (Tel. 979-845-5928; or Dr. Mike Pendleton (Tel. 979-845-1182;


Fischione Model 1010 Ion Mill

This ion mill features:

- Precision ion milling and polishing system for TEM specimens

- 0° to 45° milling angle range

- LN2 specimen cooling to eliminate artifacts

- Variable energy milling

- Fully programmable, easy-to-use

- Adjustable rocking angle for XTEM samples

- Oil-free vacuum system

For more information, contact Rick Littleton (Tel. 979-845-5928;

VIBROMET 2 Vibratory Polisher

For sample preparation for Electron Backscattered Diffraction. Vibratory action mechanically or chemo-mechanically prepares specimens while minimizing the amount of deformation. Removes remaining deformation or scratches from extremely soft specimens such as gold, lead, copper, and silver as well as multiple material specimens that have been prepared using conventional methods. For more information, contact Tom Stephens (Tel. 979-845-1165;

Pelco Biowave

The Biowave is a sophisticated cold microwave oven permitting more efficient and effective fixation, embedding and staining protocols to be established and antibody-antigen recognition events to be amplified. It will be particularly helpful with specimens that are difficult to process (e.g. zebra fish embroys, myelinated nerve tissues etc.). For further information on this instrument, call or e-mail Dr. Stanislav Vitha (Tel. 979-845-1607;