This is a high-resolution analytical TEM mainly used for materials research, with the following features:


-         200 kV accelerating voltage and LaB6 filament;

-         High resolution imaging with 0.23 nm point resolution;

-         Convergent-beam diffraction (CBD);

-         Nanobeam diffraction (NBD);

-         Oxford Instruments ATW type EDS detector with INCA Energy TEM platform for chemical analysis of element with Z >= 5,

          and elemental mapping using the INCA Semi-STEM mode;

-         Gatan SC1000 ORIUS CCD camera (Model 832), 4008 x 2672 pixels image size (the CCD active area is 36 x 24 mm);

-         In addition to the regular single-tilt and double-tilt holders, heating stage (up to 1200 C degree) and Be double-tilt holder

          (optimized for EDS analysis) are also available. The tilting limit is +/- 30 degrees.


For further information on this instrument, contact Rick Littleton (Tel. 979-845-5928;