What's New

Posted 2-13-2017

Noon Seminar: Confocal Microscopy and 3D Imaging 

Speaker: Eric Loeffert  (Andor, an Oxford Instruments company)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017  12:00-1:00 PM, ILSB 1143

Whether you are new to microcopy and unsure what confocal microscopy can do for you, or you already use a a confocal microscope in your research and would like to expand your understanding, this is the seminar for you.

 The seminar will cover the principles of confocal imaging,  types of confocal microscopes and their pros/cons, highlight the differences between the single-point and multi-point scanning confocals and their suitability for particular types of samples.  

Considerations like detectors, imaging speed, choice of objectives and fluorochromes will be also discussed


Posted 1-17-2017

New and upgraded equipment 

In last several months, several instrument upgrades were completed in the MIC.

  • FEI Tecnai ST: system software upgrade, new Oxford EDS 
  • FEI Quanta FESEM: new Oxford EBSD detector
  • Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope: two new highly sensitive GaAsP detectors were installed. Environmental enclosure with temperature, humuidity and CO2 control coming soon
  • High-speed sCMOS camera for low-ligh, high speed fluorescence imaging  
  • New sample preparation equipment: Leica High Pressure Freezer, Freeze substitution apparatus, cryo-ultramicrotome and  anew knife maker. The MIC will offer user training once the equipment is installed.



Posted 11-11-2016

Presentation: TEM Sample preparation instruments

Thursday, Novembner 17th,

10:00-11:30AM, ILSB Room 1141

As part of the MIC upgrades and improvements funded by the TAMU Research Development Fund, our facility will be acquiring equipment for TEM and cryo-TEM preparation of biological and other soft-matter samples.

Leica Microsystems representatives and application specialists will be  giving a short presentation  on the instrument applications and what kind of results you will expect from each instrument. They will be able to answer any technical questions and could readily help evaluate what is really needed for YOUR research.  The presentation will include the EM ICE High Pressure Freezer, UC7/FC7 ultramicrotome and a cryo-sectioning chamber, KMR3 glass knifemaker, Diamond knives and the ASF2 Automatic Freeze substitution apparatus. 

You are invited to attend the presentation and to discuss possible accessories and options that are most important for your sample preparation workflow.

RSVP to Emily Pfeiffer (emilypfeiffer@tamu.edu).

 Links to more information about the instruments are below:

EM ICE: http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/sample-preparation-for-electron-microscopy/industrial-materials/cryo-preparation/details/product/leica-em-ice/

EM AFS http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/sample-preparation-for-electron-microscopy/cryo-preparation-systems/details/product/leica-em-afs2/

UC7/FC7, KMR3: http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/sample-preparation-for-electron-microscopy/ultramicrotomes-cryo-ultramicrotomes/




New Ar ion laser was installed on the Olympus confocal microscope.



The Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope has been  upgraded to ver. 4.2 control software and a 64-bit Windowes 7 computer. Improvement should be noticeable in processing large files and in 3D rendering speed.