Biosafety Requirements and Rules

Biosafety requirements and rules 

The MIC is currently equipped to deal with samples that are Biosafety level 1 (BSL-1) in designated areas.  These selected labs in the MIC have been approved as BL-1 lab space.  In order to be able to bring the active BL-1 material to the MIC, the MIC facility and room number MUST be listed in the investigator’s IBC permit, in Section F, Agent use and Storage Locations. The investigator is required to send a copy of the IBC permit listing the relevant MIC lab and the BL1 organisms, to , BEFORE bringing the BL-1 samples. When using the BL-1 labs in the MIC, all users must follow the rules posted. This applies even to those users that do not work with samples requiring IBC permit.  

A new BSL-2 culture and live imaging suite is now available in the MIC for use in conjunction with our new Leica SP8 Confocal/STED/FLIM microscopy system. For more information about the new BSL-2 facility, please go to How to Gain Access to the BSL-2 Lab.