FEI Tecnai G2 F20 ST FE-TEM - Materials

 FEI Tecnai F20 ST - Materials

 Tecnai ST Training Policy (download PDF document)

This 200 kV instrument is used primarily for materials applications and features:

  •  ZrO2/W (100) Schottky Field emitter (FEG);
  • S-Twin objective lens;
  • Point resolution: 0.24 nm;
  • Information limit: 0.15 nm;
  • Magnification range: 21.5 x - 1050 kx in TEM mode;
  • Magnification range: 10 kx – 330 Mx in STEM mode;
  • Camera Length range: 30 – 4600 mm in TEM mode;
  • Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high stability CompuStage;
  • Fully computer-controlled and automated apertures;
  • Gatan CCD: 2k x 2k CCD camera;
  • Fischione ultra-high resolution STEM HAADF detector;
  • EDAX instruments EDS detector (point, line, and area profiling);
  • Single and double tilt specimen holders (α = +/- 40º);
  • Xplore3D for automated tomographic tilt series acquisition in TEM or STEM mode;
  • Inspect 3D on a support PC for tomographic reconstructions.


For further information on this instrument, contact Dr. Hansoo Kim (Tel. 979-862-8452; luminesc@tamu.edu).