FEI Tecnai G2 F20 FE-TEM

Training and sample imaging requests should be initiated  through iLab


TRAINING POLICY: FEI Tecnai-T Training Policy


The FEI Tecnai G2 F20 is a 200 kV instrument featuring:

  • ZrO2/W (100) Schottky Field emitter (FEG)
  • Twin objective lens
  • Point resolution: 0.27 nm
  • Information limit: 0.16 nm
  • Magnification range: 21x - 700 kx in TEM mode, and 410x - 1350 kx in EFTEM mode
  • Camera Length range: 52 – 1500 mm in TEM mode, and 110 – 7000 mm in EFTEM mode
  • Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high stability CompuStage
  • Gatan  Tridiem GIF-CCD: 2kx2k CCD camera and post column energy filter (GIF)
  • Z-contrast dark-field STEM imaging using the HAADF detector
  • Oxford instruments EDS detector
  •  EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) for elemental mapping and high contrast zero energy loss imaging of thicker samples
  • Single and double tilt specimen holders (α= +/- 60º)
  • Gatan 626 cryo specimen holder, cryo transfer station and cold stage controller
  • FEI Vitrobot for cryo-TEM preparation
  • Gatan K2 Summit electron-counting direct detection camera for low dose imaging
  • Automated collection of tilt series for room temperature or cryo-electron tomography, in TEM or STEM mode.
  • Inspect 3D on a support PC for tomographic reconstructions


 For further information please contact Dr. Hansoo Kim (Tel. 979-862-8452; luminesc@tamu.edu).