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Training and Courses

Gaining Access to MIC Instrumentation and Equipment

Note: New users of the MIC instruments must be trained by the appropriate MIC staff member. Training from other users is not sufficient and sharing of passwords/credentials is prohibited. Access to the MIC facility and instruments will be revoked if these terms are violated.

  1. To become an MIC user, please contact the staff member in charge of training for the instrument you would like to use. You can find the appropriate staff member by looking on the instrument pages of our website or referencing the Staff directory.
  2. After speaking with a staff member via email, you will need to set up an iLab account if you don’t already have one. Instructions found here.
  3. Carefully read the MIC Facility Manual.
  4. Once you have created an iLab account, you will fill out a Training Request Form which will ask basic questions about equipment and your sample as well as ask for acknowledgement that you have read the MIC Facility Manual.
  5. After completing this form, you will need to send an email to the appropriate staff member of that instrument as indicated on the Training Request Form to set up a time to meet and begin user training. Be sure to bring all appropriate documentation required as outlined on the Training Request Form. At your first training you will also fill out an MIC User Information Sheet to be kept on record in the facility.

For questions about this process

please email Ashlyn Montgomery.