Welcome to the Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIC)

We serve a wide range of faculty and students at Texas A&M University in addition to researchers from outside of the University.

Our mission is to provide current and emerging technologies for teaching and research involving microscopy and imaging in Life and Physical Sciences on the Texas A&M campus and beyond, training and support services for microscopy, sample preparation, in situ elemental/molecular analyses, as well as digital image analysis and processing.

We are promoting cutting edge research in basic and applied sciences through research and development activities, as well as quality training and education through individual training, short courses and formal courses that can be taken for credit.

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immunostained for dystrophin

Light Sheet Microscope Acquisition: User Survey


Olympus PhaseView Alpha 3 Demo:  Dec 5, 2018



For complementary expertise and instrumentation, please visit the Materials Characterization Facility.


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