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Other Imaging Resources at Texas A&M

Division of Research Library of all Core Facilities, Centers, and Institutes at Texas A&M University

NameLocationImaging Equipment
Integrated Microscopy and Imaging LaboratoryMedical Education Research Building IIOlympus Fluoview FV3000 Confocal
Olympus VS120 Virtual Slide Scanning System
Leica SP2 Confocal
NanoFluor II Integrated Microscope
Histology Laboratory
Cell Culture Laboratory
Tissue Prep Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering Shared LaboratoriesEmerging Technologies BuildingGel Doc EZ Imager Bio-Rad

Slide Scanner Mikroscan S2

Cytation 5 Biotek

Fluorescence Microscope Nikon Eclipse TE2000-S

Zeiss Axio-Vert.A1

Plate Reader


Image Analysis LabVeterinary Administration Building Room B12ARIVAS Software

Axio Imager M2 Motorized Upright Microscope

Biotek Synergy 4 Microplate Reader


FEI Transmission Electron Microscope

Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7

Zeiss Digital Imaging Workstation

Zeiss Elyra S.1 Superresolution Microscope

Zeiss LSM 780/Airy Scan NLO Multiphoton Microscope

Zeiss Stallion Digital Imaging Workstation

Zeiss TIRF3 Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

Materials Characterization FacilityGiesecke Engineering Research Building JEOL JSM-7500F

Tescan FERA-3 Model GMH

Tescan LYRA-3 Model GMH

Cameca SXFive

Leica TCS SP5

Thermo Nicolet 380 FTIR

DXS 500 Optical Microscope

Horiba Jobin-Yvon LabRam HR Confocal Raman Microscope

PTI QuantaMaster 40 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Hitachi U-4100 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer

CAMECA IMS 4f Ion Microprobe
Mechanical Engineering Shared Services FacilitiesMechanical Engineering Office BuildingOlympus BX 61

Photron FASTCAM SA5 High Speed Camera


VHX-600 Digital Microscope
National Corrosion and Materials Reliability LabGiesecke Engineering Research Building Lab 219-220JEOL JCM 600 Scanning Electron Microscope

Inverted Nikon Metallurgical Microscope Equipped with an Eclipse MA 100 Model Camera

Nikon Macroscope Equipped with an SMZ 745T Model Camera

Upright Nikon Metallurgical Microscope equipped with a camera
Protein Chemistry LaboratoryBiochemistry/Biophysics BuildingLaser Image Scanning

Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Soft Matter FacilityLynntech building Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
Systems and Synthetic Biology CoreBorlaug Center RM151SpectraMAX I3x/300 Imaging Cytometer

Qpix 420

BioLector Pro

Eppendorf Bioflo 120

Ultimate 3000
IBT Center for Advanced ImagingTexas A&M Institute of Biosciences & Technology Houston, TXGE-Healthcare Deltavision

Nikon A1si-Spectral Confocal with TIRF

W1-Yokogawa-Ti2-Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal with Optogenetics and High Content Imaging

SP9 Spectral Lightning Falcon STED
Joint Microscopy LaboratoryReynolds Medical Sciences BuildingLuminosa Confocal Microscope
Fluoromax Plus Spectro-Fluorometer