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Supporting Equipment

Leica EM GP 2 Cryo Plunger

For vitrification of macromolecular complexes and nanocomplexes used in cryo-TEM imaging.

Pelco EasiGlow Glow Discharge Apparatus

This machine is used to render EM grids with a support film more hydrophilic to improve dispersion of aqueous samples for TEM imaging.

Cressington 308 Evaporative Coater

This coater is for carbon coating of samples for SEM by applying a coating of mica to produce carbon support film for TEM.

Cressington 208HR Sputter Coater

This coater is equipped with a turbo molecular pump and is dedicated for coating high resolution imaging on the Quanta FE-SEM.

Cressington 108 Sputter Coater

This instrument is used for coating of samples for scanning electron microscopy. It is currently set up for coating with gold.  The operation is shown in the video below.


Diener Zepto Plasma Cleaner

This plasma cleaner equipped with argon and oxygen gas supply is used to clean surfaces and cause surface activation for bonding polymers.  It may also be used for cleaning glass coverslips for TIRF microscopy.

Pelco Biowave

This is a sophisticated cold microwave oven that permits efficient and effective fixation, embedding, staining, and immunostaining.