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Training and Courses

Initiating a Training Request

**If you are a new MIC user you will need to follow the instructions for Gaining Access to the MIC before initiating a training request.**

  1. To begin you will need to contact the scientist in charge of that instrument via email. You can find this information in the Staff Directory or on the appropriate Instrument page.
  2. Next you will initiate a Training Request in iLab under the Request Services tab.
  3. You will be asked to fill out a Training Request Form which will require confirmation that you have read the MIC Facility Manual.
  4. Lastly you will need to email the correct staff member again to say that you are ready to set up a time to meet and begin training.

Note: Instrument training will require payment for time on the equipment along with time spent with the technician and any consumables that are used. Fee Schedule here.