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Image JPEG imageMarch 2011
Image JPEG imageMarch 2011_2
File JPEG imageApril 2011
Image JPEG imageApril 2011
Image JPEG imageJune 2011
File JPEG imagePicture_September 2011.jpg
Image JPEG imageSeptember 2011
Image JPEG imageDecember 2011
Image JPEG imagePicture_Feb 2012.jpg
Image JPEG imageGFP-ER
GFP-ER, Silicon immersion 60x/1.3 objective
File Microsoft AVI videoGFP-ER in tobacco
confocal z-stack, imaging with a 60x/1.3 silicon immersion objective
Image JPEG imagePoM112013.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM112013lr.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM-thumbnail.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM-03-2008.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM_04-2008
Image JPEG imagePoM_05-2008
Picture of the Month, May 2005
Image GIF imagePoM_06-2008
Image JPEG imagePoM_07-2008
SEM image of zeolite.
File QuickTime videoPoM-8-2008-hi-res-anim
Image GIF imagePoM_08-2008
Image JPEG imagePoM_08-2008-HiRes
Image JPEG imagePicture of the Month 9-2008
Transgenic rice stem stained for GUS reporter activity
Image JPEG imagePoM_10-2008
Image JPEG imagePoM_01_2009
Image GIF imagePoM_04-2009
Image GIF imagePicture of the Month April 2009
Image JPEG imagePoM_06-2009
Image GIF imagePoM_01-2010
Picture of the Month - January 2010. Deconvolution of wide-field fluorescence images improves resolution and contrast.
Image GIF imagePoM-01-2010-animated-gif
Image JPEG imagePicture of the Month, February 2010
Caulobacter Crescentus, Cryo-electron micrograph
Image JPEG imagePoM-12-2010
FRAP of a transcription factor-like protein in Arabidopsis nucleus. TAIR Stock # CS84731 = line N7, which expresses a GFP fusion to a transcription factor-like protein.
Image JPEG imageFluorescent protein Photoswitching
Image JPEG imagePom_201303mOrange2photoswitch.jpg
Image JPEG imageBroom Corn, cell wall staining
Broom corn stem cross section
Image JPEG imagePoM-9-2013-Broom corn
Image PNG imagePoM-2014-06-20xLWD.png
Dual fluorescnece image
Image JPEG imagePoM-thumbnail.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM-08-2010
surface topology of grapefruit
Image JPEG imageMarch 2011
Image JPEG imageMarch 2011
Image JPEG imageArabidopsis leaf
Picture of the Month
Image JPEG imagePoM_9-2014-polariscopy.jpg
Circular Polariscopy image of urea crystals
Image JPEG imagePoM-12-2015.jpg
Image JPEG imagePoM62017.jpg
Image JPEG imageCanine muscle tissue
immunostained for dystrophin