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September 2021

Image is a graphical abstract to illustrate collaborate work mentioned below.

Research description: Virus inactivation using iron electrocoagulation

Major participants: Kyungho Kim, and Dr. Shankar Chellam at Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Texas A&M University

                                 Dr. Anindito Sen at Microscopy and Imaging Center, Texas A&M University

                                 Dr. Jothikumar Narayanan at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

Relevant publications:

K. Kim, N. Jothikumar, A. Sen, and S. Chellam, Virus Removal and Inactivation Mechanisms during Iron Electrocoagulation: Capsid and Genome Damages and Electro-Fenton Reactions, Environmental Science and Technology, (2021)

K. Kim, N. Jothikumar, A. Sen, J. L. Murphy and S. Chellam, Removal and Inactivation of an Enveloped Virus Surrogate by Iron Conventional Coagulation and Electrocoagulation, Environmental Science and Technology, 55 (2021) 2674-2683