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Mini Light Sheet Microscopy Workshop

May 28 - 29, 2019

ILSB 1143   

Presentation on May 28 1-2PM in ILSB 1143   

Applications of light sheet microscopy

Dylan McCreedy-Assistant Professor in Biology and Holly Gibbs-Research Staff in MIC

Texas A&M University’s Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIC) is hosting a two-day mini-workshop on May 28-29th 2019 to introduce our new Zeiss Z.1 Light-sheet microscope. The workshop consists of 1) a seminar where you will learn more about light sheet microscopy and its target applications, including CLARITY techniques, 2) sessions where you will be able to bring your own samples to image with the Z.1, and 3) the opportunity to complete a 2-hour training to begin using the Z.1. All aspects of the workshop are provided free of charge. Please use the form below to indicate which sessions you will attend and provide us a little background information. Space is limited, so sign up early!Schedule Overview:

Tuesday, May 28th:
9:00a-12:00p: See your sample with the new light sheet microscope
1:00-2:00p: Seminar w/ Dr. Holly Gibbs and Dr. Dylan McCreedy (ILSB Rm 3147)
2:30-4:30p: Z.1 Assisted Use Training (FULL)

Wednesday, May 29th:
9:00-12:00p: See your sample with the new light sheet microscope
1:00-3:00p: Z.1 Assisted Use Training
3:00-5:00p: Z.1 Assisted Use Training

By popular demand! Thursday, May 30th:
9:00-11:00a: Z.1 Assisted Use Training

Additional Notes for Participants:
1. Our Z.1 is equipped with 405, 488, 561, and 638 nm laser lines for imaging a variety of labels.
2. Samples mounted on slides are not ideal for the Z.1 light sheet illumination/detection geometry.
Please bring samples that can be embedded in agarose in a capillary tube or syringe.
3. For additional advice on sample prep and guidance on which fluorophores can be imaged,
please email Holly Gibbs (
4. Datasets can be relatively large, so please bring a storage device if you want to take your images home with you.
5. Assisted User Training encompasses basic operation of the light sheet microscope and sample prep.
6. The Z.1 room is currently BSL-1, but will become BSL-2 operational in the near future.
All persons using the Z.1 at that point will need to complete BSL-2 training (
At that time, users who have BSL-1 and BSL-2 samples will need to amend their IBC to add the room.