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February 2012

Imaging core/shell structures in PbSeTe nanocubes. (a) XRD patterns of PbSeTe core/shell nanocubes (red) and Pb3Se2.8Te0.2 single ternary alloy nanocubes (black). (b,d) TEM images [inset of (b): SAED pattern] and (c) HAADF-STEM EDS line scan profile of PbSeTe core/shell nanocubes. (e) WBDF image. (f) HRTEM image of a single PbSeTe core/shell nanocube. (g–j) Elemental maps of Pb (red), Se (purple), Te (green), and their Se+Te overlap, respectively; scale bar, 20 nm. The TEM work was done by Dr. Zhiping Luo, and published on J. Am. Chem. Soc.133 (44), 17590–17593 (2011).  [Abstract]  [HTML]  [PDF]