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Tousimis Autosamdri Critical Point Dryer

Autosamdri CPD

Tousimis Autosamdri 931 critical point dryer (CPD) for drying dehydrated samples for scanning electron microscopy.  Critical Point Drying minimizes drying artifacts associated with air-drying or freeze drying. The Autosamdri 931 CPD is programmable, and includes the Stasis cycle option for larger specimens.

The CPD has a 2.5″ chamber and various sample holders:

  • Catalog # 8762 – SAMDRI Sample Holder for 12 specimens. Each compartment measures 7.5mm diameter x 6mm height
  • Catalog # 8763 – SAMDRI Sample Holder for 24 specimens. Each compartment measures 4.5mm diameter x 6mm height
  • Catalog # 8771B – 2″ Large Capacity Holder
  • Catalog # 8766 – Cover Slip holder holds 10 coverslips, 9-13mm diameter

Instrument is operated by MIC staff only.

Please contact Stanislav Vitha (; 979-845-1607) for more information