Leica DM 6B

Upright motorized microscope with Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, DIC, Polarization, image stitching

The DM6B motorized upright microscope offers the following features:

Imaging modes:  Transmitted Light:  Brightfield, Polarized Light, Phase Contrast (with the 10x and 20x objectives), DIC (with the 40x and 63x objectives). Fluorescence with a LED light source, Filter sets for DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Cy5, CFP, YFP

Objectives: 1.25x/0.04, 10x/0.32, 20x/0.55, and 40x/0.60 dry; 63x/1.4 oil immersion
Camera: Leica DM 4500 5-megapixel color camera 

Advanced LAS X software: Multi-channel, Time lapse, Z-stack image acquisition, large area scanning, image stitching, auotofocus.

The microscope sanning stage combined with the LAS X Navigator image stitching allows imaging large samples or the entire microscope slide at high resolution.  

Acknowledgment requirements for the Leica DM 6B microscope

MIC guidelines mandate that the use of the MIC facility must be properly acknowledged in any publication (including web pages). You may use the following statement:

“The use of the Microscopy and Imaging Center facility at Texas A&M University is acknowledged. The Leica DM 6B microscope acquisition was supported through the Research Development Fund from the Office of the Vice President for Research at Texas A&M University.”

User are also required to file a copy of any relevant publication containing the acknowledgment with the MIC administrative office.

For training, please contact Dr. Stanislav Vitha (vitha@tamu.edu; 979-845-1607).

For microscope reservation in the iLab system, click here: Leica_DM6B